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A Lot of Security Purchases Remain Shelfware

This article reveals a painful truth, and a truth that I must admit I have been a part of in the past.  It is so easy for companies to fight through the budget and planning phases of IT Security acquisitions, only to fall short in the implementation and utilization phases.  As an IT Security leader, you know that you need certain tools and systems.  You fight hard for those purchases.  You plan their implementation.  But then the reality of resource constraints and fire fighting smack you in the face.  It is easy to say that we need to do a better job of planning resources and implementing solutions, but the answer to this question is a tough reality for many.  You have to plan the resources before you fight for the tools and systems and you have to come to the realization that there are certain things you cannot buy because you cannot actually utilize them given your staff.  The budget process needs to be turned on its head and the people problem needs to come first, not after the fact.

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