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Are These Four Security Technologies on the Verge of Becoming Obsolete?

I generally agree with the premise of this article, but I do believe some of these technologies have the potential to evolve, survive and thrive in the coming years.  Firewalls are declining in value as traditional port and packet inspection appliances.  The market has instead embraced Next Generation firewall technologies and UTM (Unified Threat Management) functionality like integrated DLP (Data Loss Prevention) and Application controls.  Similarly, traditional single factor passwords and biometric identifiers have lost value over time, but newer multi-factor authentication approaches can integrate and embrace these older ID methodologies and strengthen the overall authentication and identity management process.

Concerning Anti-virus…yup, it’s dead, or at least dying.  There are some point solutions and value to be found, but more value can now be found in stateful application control, file integrity monitoring, and application whitelisting.

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