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My Thoughts – Sony pulls ‘The Interview’ after 9/11 terror threat

This is just one link to one of dozens of articles concerning the Sony breach and the subsequent pulling of “The Interview” from movie theaters around the country.  I like many of you am both angered and frustrated at this entire situation, from Sony’s response to the conjecture of retaliatory attacks by the US government against North Korea.

First and foremost, this entire situation is an example of cyber-bullying targeted at the US Constitution and its freedom of expression as well as the very nature of capitalism in a free market society.  Every American should be outraged that the acts of one nation state could influence what appears at an American theater.  It really is that simple.  Corporate America is bowing to the whim of a violent dictator.  We are setting a very dangerous precedent by allowing this to happen.

Secondly, Sony is clearly not guiltless in this situation either.  Like most instances of bullying, Sony was not prepared for conflict.  They found themselves cornered on the playground with their IT pants pulled down around their ankles due to a complete and utter disregard for proper cyber defenses.  Other corporations desperately need to take notice and prepare themselves.  There are plenty of bullies on the playground of our world’s economic stage and the environment is ripe for a wave of similar extortion attempts and cyber attacks.

Finally, retaliation in the forms being bantered around via public media outlets is not the answer.  There are no real value-added cyber targets in North Korea and the attack itself was clearly outsourced to players located in other locations throughout the world.  Retaliation and retribution need to come in the form of real world controls.  This is not a tit for tat situation.  At the end of the day, the American infrastructure is under attack, either physically or economically, and that kind of threat should be handled in a serious manner and at the highest levels of government.  As citizens, we have a right and responsibility to demand this of our elected officials.  Do not be lulled into thinking this is just about a silly movie and the bruised egos of the Hollywood elite.



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